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As an adoptive dad, I know the options for building your family can seem overwhelming. You need a trusted advisor to help you step by step through the process. I will listen to your concerns and work with you to find the best way for you to build your family. And I can help you safeguard your family with proper planning for the future. (View Full Profile)

Types of Adoptions

Domestic Agency Adoptions

"Many families choose to work with a licensed adoption agency to pursue adoption. The agency qualifies adoptive parents, and provides education and support services to both adoptive and birth parents. The agency will then match birth parents with waiting families. Agencies vary greatly in their size, geographic scope, number of placements they make per year..."

Domestic Private Adoptions

"Families in New York can pursue adoption by identifying birth parents on their own, without using an agency. The adoptive parents and birth parents locate each other, initiate communication, and come to the decision that they intend to make an adoption plan..."

Foster Care Adoptions

"Adoptive parents apply for a foster care license, are screened, and receive education about the full spectrum of young people in the system. Families are then matched with waiting children..."

International Adoptions

"The landscape of international adoption has been changing rapidly over the last several years. International adoptions are governed primarily by the laws and practices of the sending country – and those laws vary significantly country to country..."

Step and Second Parent Adoptions

"A second-parent adoption permits an unmarried or married partner to adopt the child of his or her partner, without terminating the rights of the consenting parent. The need for a second-parent adoption can arise where only one partner is biologically related to a child..."

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