Firm Overview

I founded my practice with a commitment to building and protecting families. I have taken my experiences as an adoptive father, and combined them with my dedication to providing the highest quality legal services, personalized to meet your individual needs.

Building a family through adoption or assisted reproduction can be complicated and requires the support and counsel of a trusted advisor. You can face significant financial and emotional burdens on this journey, and I am here to provide empathetic guidance along the way.

Located in the heart of Brownstone Brooklyn, my practice areas include adoption, reproductive law, and estate planning for families of all kinds.

When I started my journey to fatherhood, someone said to me, “The fact that you are here taking these steps means you will have a child — you’d better buy a car seat.” I like to think that your reading this means you are on your way too — I wish you the best on your own journey and I look forward to helping you with it.

I invite you to schedule a consultation at (718) 747-8447 today.