Donation Agreements

Many families rely on donated eggs, sperm, and embryos to get pregnant. Donors may be known to each other in advance of the donation, or may remain anonymous. Egg, sperm and embryo donation agreements are important for the protection of both donors and recipients. Thorough agreements address:

  • Parental rights: Do the parties to the agreement intend that the donor will have no parental rights, or, such as in collaborative parenting arrangements, will the donor have a legal relationship to the child
  • Confidentiality: Will the donor's or the recipient's identifying information be shared
  • Future contact between the donor and the child : In some instances the parents may wish to create a framework for the child and the donor to have periodic contact
  • Obligations to provide future medical information: The donor's medical history may be shared at the time of the donation, but often families wish to receive updates about the donor and the donor's family's medical information
  • Compensation: Donors may receive reasonable compensation and have expenses reimbursed

Brian can draft these agreements and also help intended parents ensure that their parental rights are protected by completing second-parent adoptions, when necessary.