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Second-Parent Adoptions - Advanced Issues

I recently wrote about why married same-sex couples, particularly female couples who conceive their child using anonymous donor sperm, still should complete a second-parent adoption. I want to look at some other forms of family formation here, and ad… Read More
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Second-parent adoptions: Do I still need to do one after Obergefell?

The question comes up eventually. Whether I am doing a talk specifically for LGBT parents or at a meet-up of same-sex families like mine, a mother will ask me: Do I really need to do a second-parent adoption? Still? The “still” is because of Ober… Read More
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What the Recent SCOTUS Ruling Means for New Yorkers

This post originally ran on the blog of the New York Legal Assistance Group, and was co-authored with staff attorney Anya Mukarji-Connolly. The historic United States Supreme Court ruling that has legalized same-sex marriage sends a strong message of… Read More
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Second-Parent Adoption Following Surrogacy

I’ve written before about why a non-biological parent in married same-sex couples should complete second adoption, even if both parents are on named on the child’s birth certificate. Most families have no trouble getting a court to grant the adop… Read More
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Do I Really Need a Sperm Donor Agreement?

When I talk to potential clients considering using a known sperm donor (especially lesbian couples), I often get two questions: “Can’t I just do the donor agreement myself?” No. “Do I really need a sperm donor agreement?”… Read More
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Cutting Through the Confusion About Second-Parent Adoptions in New York

A judge in Brooklyn Surrogate’s Court recently sent shockwaves through the community with the decision refusing to grant a second-parent adoption for the non-biological mom in a married lesbian couple. Her reasoning was New York law already recogni… Read More
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Why Utah Matters

“This one feels different,” was how Rachel Maddow summed up last week’s marriage-equality victory in Utah on her show, hours after the US District Court judge handed down his opinion. She and her guest, NYU law professor Kenji Yoshino, talked a… Read More
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Are Second-Parent Adoptions Necessary?

The answer is decidedly YES. In New York state, a person is presumed to be the parent of any child born to or adopted by that person’s spouse. But that only truly works if the parents’ marriage is universally recognized in the US. But sam… Read More
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